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Skylom Earn Watch Videos up To $2500 For Day


Minimum Payout $0.02 Direct Paypal Account
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How to Make Money in Skylom


First you must click on the banner or on the registration link that is at the top, that is, there is no registration through the top part. page where you can enter with your Facebook account "Das Click on Log in with Facebook" once done that you are ready to win, as follows:


Watching Videos: You only have to click on "Get Coins" that will show you the video that will send you once you are ready for you. You must do this process until you have 2 coins, when you achieve and participate in a raffle.


Raffle every 2 minutes: Those 2 coins won is very important because it lets us enter a raffle where the prize is random which can be $ 1, $ 5, $ 10, $ 100 and up to $ 2500 $ and also the winning number that It is also random, we must choose our winning number and the prize we win once the draw ends will depend on the numbers won guessed the winning number, for example in the image once you guess 2 and win a fairly acceptable prize.

Advantage and Strategy


The advantage of this new platform is that we can watch videos quickly and collect many coins to enter all the 2-minute drawings we can and win as much as possible is just a matter of luck.


The page makes random draws and for the best use of the coins you have to wait for the right draw, with this I mean that you enter the draws that have the most number of hits since that is where you have more chances to win, and so use well your coins and maximize your profits.




The page gives us the advantage of obtaining benefits in a single reference level from which we earn the 5% of the total that they earn.


Then the option is to recommend the page and get direct referrals, as the person who wants to register needs an invitation the chances of your referral being high.


Reference link: To obtain your referral link click on the image of your profile and then on "Invite and earn" there you will find your reference link very important to invite your future partners.


How to Collect and Minimum Payment


To be able to charge us you must click on the button "Prizes" or also the gift box where we will be asked to have at least $ 0.02 that you can easily obtain easily in one day. Once you have that amount or more you can request your payment, the page pays for paypal and the payments come to you complete without fees without fees.


Payment Proof


The page is still new and we are still waiting for our payment, when we have it we will upload the voucher to show that the page pays.

Register in Skylom Click Here