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Baymack Earn Watch Videos up To $100.00 per Day

Minimum Payout $0.02 Direct Paypal Account
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How to Make Money on Baymack

First you must click on the banner or registration link that I leave on the top (important you need to register through the reference link that I leave you, because if you can not register only accept registration by invitation) that will take you to the Page where you will be asked to enter with your Facebook "Click on Login With Facebook" once done that we will be ready to win, in the following way:


Viewing Videos: Just click on "Enter Draw" that will show you the first video that once the time has expired, you must choose the appropriate category that the video is dealing with and you will already have a video watched and it will take you to the next one , You must do this process until you see 5 videos, when you win you will win a Ticket that is what matters most.


Lottery Ticket: This ticket is very important because it will allow us to enter a lottery where there is a winner of $ 100.00, 100 winners of $ 1.00 and 6000 winners of $ 0.02, we will be allowed to have up to 10 tickets per day ie we can see 50 videos At most. It is recommended to have 10 as it gives us more possibility to win a prize. (Important the prizes for the following days may increase more among more people between the page the prizes will grow much more)



7 Reference Levels

The page gives us the advantage of obtaining benefits in 7 levels of depth and that the approximate percentages are these: first level 50%, second to fifth level 10%, sixth and seventh level 5%, as seen in the graph.


Then the option is to recommend the page and get direct referrals, as the person who wants to register needs an invitation the chances of your referral are high. With this level of depth you can build a good network of referrals.

Reference link: To obtain your referral link click on "profile" and then on "Invite and earn" there you will find your reference link very important to invite your future partners.

How to Request Payout and Minimum Payment 

To be able to charge us you must click on the "Prizes" button where we will be asked to have at least $ 0.02, which is exactly the minimum prize you can win, once you have that amount or more you can ask for your payment, paypal page paypal and The payments arrive complete without commissions without fees.

Payment Proof 


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